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Wedding Services

I have complied the below in order to help you out with some of the frequently asked questions I hear a lot of the time, plus a few helpful tips and hints for your planning and the big day!

pre trial

If you can collect any pictures or create a Pinterest page (watch out - you will get addicted!) which you can show to me, and also florists, makeup artists and photographers, this will help greatly in understanding the look you are going for.  Pictures can be of the exact look you want (e.g. your dress, the hairstyle you are after etc), but can also be good to give a general idea of the style and feel that you want to create.

Pinterest is a great place to save pictures, but also check out the galleries on hairdressers and makeup artists to see some great examples of work - check out my website gallery HERE or take a look at my Pinterest board HERE.

at the trial

At your wedding trial we will sit down and discuss the look you are going for.  You can show me any pictures you have, or if you are struggling to find what you are after, I can show you through my extensive gallery of saved pictures so that we can work out a look which will suit your personal style, your dress, your theme for the day, and also your hair type.

If you have accessories or a veil which you are planning to wear on the day, bring these along to the trial if you can so that you can get a really accurate idea of the complete look.  If you have decided to include fresh flowers on the day and are able to bring a few with you, this can be really helpful.

Lots of brides ask whether to leave their hair "day old" for the trial, and also in turn on the big day.   I find that freshly washed hair is best to work with - not only does it mean that you won't have slept on it and created any kinks/partings in the hair which we will then be trying to battle with, but you will have more volume and create a better look, as well as feeling your freshest and best.  Gone are the days of needing day old hair to "hold" a style, products nowadays are fantastic, and I have some great ones in my kit.

You may find it useful to wear a white top to the trial with a similar neckline to that of your dress just to help you visualize the completed look.  Many brides find it hard to imagine fully how the finished look will be when they are in jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup on.

At your trial we will also work out a rough time plan to ensure that on the day, you can leave worrying about timings to me, so you can spend the morning relaxing and enjoying being pampered.

the big day

The big day has arrived!  As mentioned in the trial section, freshly washed and dried hair is best to work with as it is kink free and will be best to create volume and the style you are after, as well as ensuring that you will feel fresh as a daisy!

Always allow more time than you think you will need for everything.  You might think that you have all morning to get ready - but the time will soon disappear!  It is better to be ready slightly earlier and have time to chill out with your girls and have a glass of bubbly than to be rushing around and stressed!

Many brides I have had like to create a playlist prior to the day so that they can listen to the tunes that make them feel their best and happy.

Have snacks and drinks to hand - you might be feeling really excited/nervous and have a tummy full of butterflies - but its good to eat, you don't want to feel faint during the ceremony!  Have little snacks so that should you not feel like eating much, you can at least nibble something you fancy.

The main thing is - enjoy it!

how to book me

how to book me for your wedding hair

I am so excited that you would like to have me as part of your big day!  Please check my Instagram "Booking" highlight to see my availability.  If I am not booked up on your date, please complete the form on the contact me page, or email me and remember to let me know your wedding date, location of the wedding/where you will be getting ready, how many people will be requiring hair on the day, and the style of wedding you are going for (e.g. "boho wedding hair and beachy waves with autumn tones and floaty dresses", "romantic soft hair with plaits and fresh flowers, classic dresses and gold details" etc) - the more info you can give me to build up a picture of you and your style the better!

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